Who uses it best owns the future of autonomous vehicles

Whether we’re talking about partially self‐driving cars or full automation in all conditions, automated vehicles need to be safer than regular cars to achieve large scale deployment.

To reach the level of performance and safety validation for mission critical safety systems, self‐driving cars need big data – they simply cannot see without it.

The flood of data is coming

1 Car = 100 gigabytes of data every second

With the number of sensors in cars growing in parallel to alternative methods to accelerate real‐world testing, incredibly rich data is coming in at petabyte speed; but it needs to be wrangled to be useful.

As a unification system for all time series data, Mediaflux makes it simple to extract important or useful information from the total amount of data collected through a single unified view.

Diagram of autonomous car data sources and how they are ingested by Mediaflux.

Immense speed and scale

Time series in the box

Run complex statistical analysis against any type of time series data for thousands of assets – simply, efficiently and at scale – right inside the platform.

Data virtualisation

Developers care about their data, not the details of where it is stored. Use Mediaflux to configure different storage types and vendors at any time for maximum cost‐benefit. Transparently migrate from one to another without any change to the end‐users’ pathway to find it.

Auto-scaling architecture

Handle rapid changes in demand with adaptable storage that automatically moves the right data to the right class of storage based on project needs to avoid a scenario where costly and scarce storage is provisioned for short sharp peaks.

Data discovery

Stop chasing your data. Metadata extraction and search locates hard‐to‐find data by querying workflow‐specific metadata describing stored data.

Secure collaboration

Steer innovation with advanced supply chain analytics. Combine data from many different suppliers, partners and engineers into one unified view on a single secure platform.

Workflow automation

Automate complex workflows and schedule data processing based on unique user requirements to easily manage the petabytes of data that vehicles generate every month — both on the road and in simulation tests.

Learn more about how Time Series on Mediaflux can be used by IoT engineers to make sense of billions of files, and speed up evidence that demonstrates autonomous vehicle safety.