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Manage assets, not files.

Demands on storage systems are having a significant impact on the world of visual effects (VFX), animation and post production; as shots continue to grow in complexity and workflows become far more intricate and far less linear. How a studio manages these pressures on storage resources — both peak storage demand and storage workflows — offers a significant edge in meeting creative challenges.

To respond, studios need an adaptable storage architecture that can move the right data to the right class of storage based on business needs from project to project; to effectively manage the increasing amount of data that is required online longer and to avoid a scenario where costly and scarce storage is provisioned for short sharp peaks.

Mediaflux delivers smarter data storage with more flexibility.

Mediaflux performs as a rapidly adaptable smart-tiered data storage infrastructure that virtualizes all storage classes into a single unified view for more flexible data management workflows that support creative processes across the entire supply chain.

Mediaflux is a media management platform that adapts to your studio's needs.

Move any type of data backward and forwards between any storage system, with minimal operational impact to existing infrastructures.

Future-proof new storage technology onset

A powerful foundation stack for whatever standards and formations you use now, or any other system and workflow you might use in the future.

Adaptable smart tiered workflows

Use Mediaflux to orchestrate a rapidly adaptable smart tiered data storage infrastructure using policies controlled by rich metadata

Single world-view of all your storage

Federate all storage classes into a single world-view to manage billions of assets and files.

Find assets across all storage silos

Metadata extraction and search locates hard-to-find assets, no matter where they are stored by querying asset specific metadata.

Create multiple customised folder hierarchies

Present customised views of data for different departments via NSF and SMB to simplify queries.

Restrict access to protect assets

Mediaflux can compartmentalise asset access and records and monitors who has accessed what asset, providing detailed audit trail reporting.

Leverage cheaper storage

A single world view of all disparate data and plenty of metadata means that you can automatically place data in the best storage that provides the lowest overall cost at any point in time.

Mediaflux is trusted by:

Three Media

Mediaflux’s compressed object database forms the foundation of Three Media’s flagship media management and content processing product suite, XEN:. Selected for its speed and flexibility, Mediaflux’s object database enables Three Media's XEN: product customers to more efficiently organise and manage the relationships between millions of individual media objects and metadata with a level of security trusted by intelligence and security agencies.

Using Mediaflux, XEN: delivers industry unique ability to seamlessly aggregate many different types of media, metadata and storage environments within a common collaborative space. No matter where they may be located, or where the object is stored, users are able to locate, manage, and act on any media object or metadata “blazingly fast”.

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