There's a better way to manage data. All types of data, on any storage system.

Mediaflux® by Arcitecta is a powerful data management platform designed to enhance findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability across various data stores.

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Why Mediaflux?

Scale to Petabytes and Beyond

Accommodates ever-growing storage requirements to contend with increasing volumes and complexity of data.

Significant Cost Reduction

Automate workflows, better leverage existing and cheaper storage methods, and eliminate unnecessary and duplicated data.

Future Proof Adapatability

A powerful foundation stack for whatever standards and formations you use now, or might use in the future.

Predictable Pricing

Fixed active user pricing eliminates needless overpayment and billing surprises. Stay on budget as you scale.

We’ll solve your most challenging big data and data management problems.

Our technology is only one part of our successful and enduring relationships. The best outcomes for demanding customer challenges arise from deep collaboration. We place great value on becoming fully immersed in your problem-space to help craft the best possible solutions for today – with an eye on the future.

We solve the problems other cannot

We own the entire technology architecture. With deep knowledge of every line of code, we can customise a solution to the most complex data management problems.

Together, we can build your future

We have the right products, and the people power, to solve your most difficult problems. After deep consultation with our clients on their most complex and pressing issues, we get to work.

Meet the Team

We work in some of the most demanding data environments with the world’s most valuable data.

Data management for any industry, at any scale.
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Talk with us about your data challenges and we'll show you how Mediaflux solves the biggest problems in big data.

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