Persistence for
trillions of datums

XODB makes big data better.

The beating heart of Mediaflux, XODB is designed with power and flexibility in mind. Only XODB offers a database that can locate any stored datum, no matter the scale, through metadata tagging and a wealth of query approaches.

XODB’s powerful capabilities extend further as it maximises the information embodied in every byte of stored metadata, while simultaneously compressing that data to reduce the storage space these information dense assets occupy.

XODB maximises storage, enriches metadata, and curates collections for ease of searching.

Metadata managed in real-time.

Interwoven with Mediaflux, XODB records change the moment it happens across an enterprise’s file system. XODB acts as a repository that directs users instantly towards their data, regardless of site, or scale.

Minimise storage. Maximise information.

Using the power of mathematics, XODB compresses metadata files based on recurring patterns, without losing any information. Less storage used, maximum information density.

Find what you need, Fast.

Only XODB offers a tailorable range of query options. Shape searches to find data quicker than anyone else. Only with XODB.

Maximum findability

XODB’s metadata tagging process allows users to search, and collate, data across billions of objects, with speeds comparable to search engines.

Query specificity

Built in query options allow a diversity of approach: regular expression pattern matching, range set queries from ‘contains’ ‘contains any’ ‘contains all’, X-Path like Functional Query Language (FAQL). 

Customisable query options

XODB’s query function is customisable. Plug-ins or indexes can easily be added to extend the scope of searching. Sculpt query functions to distinct enterprise needs.


Data changes across enterprise are updated into XODB, in real-time. Every addition is captured, every version change logged the moment it happens.

Customisation for any need

XODB is included with Mediaflux, no secondary databases needed. With each deployment of Mediaflux our tech team can tune an iteration of XODB that solves any data need.

Information density

Through data structures and algorithms, XODB automatically compresses data by identifying patterns, without losing any salient information.

Managing data so you don't have to. Stress less with XODB®.

Talk to us to see how XODB can solve your metadata management needs at scale and help you find the right products and pricing for your business.