Visiting the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health at Taronga Zoo to see how Mediaflux makes their data better


Recently Arcitecta went to Sydney to visit our partners, the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health, to see the vital work they’re accomplishing with Mediaflux. The Australian Registry of Wildlife Health, operating from labs out of Taronga Zoo, is the largest, and most comprehensive, repository of Australian wildlife health data. The registry uses Mediaflux to hold multiple types of data on all types of Australian wildlife, from kookaburras to coral, and gives researchers, veterinarians, and governments, vital data in all matters regarding wildlife health. Researchers from the institute explained the immense utility the registry holds, it can be used to detect when novel illnesses emerge in a species, perform risk assessment for resettling species in certain habitats, provide data necessary to shape policy regarding eco systems, and can act as a repository that makes access to data for third party researchers easily locatable and accessible. As Arcitecta continues to work with researchers at Taronga we will be expanding Mediaflux’s capabilities, largely to optimise search and retrieval times, optimise UI for ease of use, and to provide a web form that contributors complete when they upload sample data to the registry. This web form will provide accurate times of capture and location data so researchers can find out when, and where, cases of wildlife mortality are occurring. Powered by Mediaflux, the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health will continue to grow the nation's biggest repository of wildlife health data for generations to come.