Arcitecta attend the 2022 Refugee Ball in support of the Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors


On the 10th of November, Arcitecta attended the 2022 Refugee Ball at Dockside, Sydney, Australia. Hosted by the Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), the Refugee Ball is an annual event which brings together, sponsors, partners, and affiliates, across diverse fields to support the good work STARTTS accomplishes. Working directly with people forcibly displaced by war, tyranny, and terrorism, STARTTS provides refugees with access to services that help them build a secure and healthy life in Australia. Throughout the night, performance acts highlighted the important work STARTTS accomplishes. The ZOHRA Afghan Orchestra, celebrated young Afghan women and their contribution to Afghan music, with two of the performers being the first women to study music in their family in over thirty years. The Zahrava dance group, a part of the Ukrainian Youth Association, performed striking traditional dances. Keynote speaker Danijel Malbasa, a once Yugoslavian refugee, now refugee advocate, writer, lawyer, and Les Murray award winner, gave a powerful speech on the tragedy of war and the hope organisations like STARTTS offer refugees. The importance of STARTTS cannot be understated, they’re a vital organisation that provides extensive support to people who have survived atrocity. As a representative for Arcitecta, I was proud to hear that our partnering with STARTTS has given them the capability to not only manage their data efficiently, but an advanced capacity to advocate for people escaping the harshest conditions in the modern world.