Mediaflux Supports FAIR Research Data Management


Growing instrument and simulation resolution is driving the rate of data accumulation across health care faster than ever. And while today's high capacity storage systems can accommodate the expected growth in Research Data, they can't help identify what data is valuable or how to move and process that data through a research workflow.

Adding to the challenges of scale is the emergence of the open science movement towards collaboration, cooperation, openness and sharing of data across global data generators. This means that there is an increasing pressure for research data results to become open data. For many, funders are now insisting that project proposals include data management guidelines to ensure that open access policies are met — that the data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable (FAIR). We know you take the challenge of managing research data seriously, and so do we.

The Mediaflux Research Data Management platform makes it easy to get a complete view of all the disparate data available and expose the right information at the right time, to support effective research data management. Mediaflux supports publicly funded Open Science research data availability requirements and protects against unauthorized data access to protect subject privacy and intellectual property rights. Here's how:

To researchers, Mediaflux operates under the covers to transparently support and simplify their work, using their own well-known tools, so they can focus on science, instead of data management.