Arcitecta’s Lewis Chen interviews with AusTrade on Arcitecta’s expansion to the USA and Asia


Our Head of Healthcare Solutions, Lewis Chen, spoke with AusTrade about how we are expanding globally, and most recently into Asia with multiple high-profile projects.

Since winning our first major overseas client, US-based DigitalGlobe, our goal to have a global footprint was set in motion, which was more ambitious than it sounds.

‘To win the trust – and to service an overseas client with our big data management platform – we needed to set up local companies. Our objective is to provide multiple in-country services, like local client engagement and support. But setting up local companies around the world is a major challenge for a small, privately owned company,’ says Chen.

Managing the world’s biggest satellite imagery repository for Digitalglobe proved just the start of our global expansion. In early 2018, we broke into the international life sciences industry, working with Novartis, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. With Mediaflux we are helping Novartis execute one of the biggest ever virtualisation projects, transferring five billion files of data onto a hybrid on-premise and cloud storage facility. We presented our journey and experience with Novartis and Cambridge University at Bio-IT Expo 2019 in Boston. You can read more about some of these solutions here.

In early 2019, Taiwan’s National Centre for High-performance Computing engaged with us to provide its core data-management platform as part of their plan to build an ultra-powerful computer, which is set to become one of the top 20 biggest supercomputers in the world.

With the help of Austrade at multiple stages in its export journey, Arcitecta is now part of one of the largest big data projects in Asia.

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