Point in Time

Effortless Ransomware Rapid Recovery Solution for Media & Entertainment

Instant Recovery

Point in Time enables studios to quickly restore their media assets in the event of a ransomware attack, minimizing downtime and avoiding the risk of data loss.

Easy Deployment and Use

The recovery process is simple and easy to use, requiring minimal IT effort.

Uses Existing Storage

Point in Time works across the studio’s existing production storage systems, such as Dell PowerScale, making it easy to implement and cost-effective since no additional storage systems are required.


Point in Time licensing is not based on capacity, making it exceptionally practical for wide deployment.

How it works

The Point in Time Ransomware Rapid Recovery Solution is built on a versioning file system that enables studios to restore their assets quickly and easily to an earlier, immutable, unencrypted version in the event of a ransomware attack. Versioned files cannot be encrypted. This approach means that the recovery process is simple and does not require decrypting files or restoring from backups, which can be a time-consuming and complex process. Instead, studios can quickly restore the previous versions of their media assets, minimizing downtime.

More Benefits of a Studio-Wide Versioning File System

Point in Time front-ends and caches studio production storage systems, accelerating performance. It protects against inadvertent file deletion, data corruption, and other data loss situations. Moreover, it promotes collaboration by allowing multiple artists to work on the same files concurrently without the risk of data loss or conflicts. Point in Time also simplifies media asset file management by providing a centralized repository for all media assets, making it easy to manage and access files across the studio’s production storage systems. This approach eliminates data silos, improving efficiency.


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Solution Briefs
Solution Brief

Mediaflux Point in Time Media and Entertainment Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Mediaflux Point in Time Solution Brief

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