There is too much data for humans to command without great technology.

One of the largest, fastest growing data sources lies within our cells - equivalent to

>40 Exabytes

We’re hearing that data scientists are now spending up to


of their time wrangling data.

Wouldn't you rather have more time to focus on new discoveries?

Mediaflux is a unique, petabyte‐scale data management technology that can be quickly deployed ‐ at scale ‐ to contend with the increasing volumes and complexity of data.

Collect everything, automate, identify patterns, gain insight.

Automation has increasing relevance in a competitive landscape. Everything we do is aimed at reducing time to discovery.

Founded in 1998, we invested our time in order to save yours.

Over 20 years ago, we set out to build technology that can organise data in a way that will make it much more self‐serve. Since then, we have helped data scientists all around the world focus on finding a new marker of disease or a surprising connection, rather than having to spend time preparing the information for analysis.

See how Mediaflux handles big genomics data


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