High Performance Computing (HPC) has become central to extracting discoveries from the PetaBytes of data spat out by scientific instruments and the increased fidelity of modelling and simulation.

Mediaflux by Arcitecta is a reliable solution that is easy to architect, deploy and use to ensure that data is easily accessed in a collaborative environment to harness the explosion of data for scientific discovery.

Mediaflux seamlessly integrates the functions of data management in a unified platform—a streamlined approach to storing, retrieving, managing, sharing, organising and analysing data at massive scales.

Speed and
Immense Scale

A simple set of coherent services can be quickly deployed – at scale – to contend with increasing volumes and complexity of data.


Access and discover data within media or any other file format to unlock rich insights – at speed.


A powerful foundation stack for whatever standards and formations you use now, or might use in the future.


Automate workflows, better leverage cheaper storage methods, and eliminate unnecessary and duplicated data.

Free From
Vendor Lock-In

Migrate from one storage service to another without any change to the end-users’ pathway to find it.

Mediaflux serves data directly to HPC environments to shorten the time to discovery.

Plan complex interrelated sets of supercomputing runs, track and catalog the data and metadata associated with each run, perform statistical and comparative analysis covering multiple runs and explore time-series data – from right inside the box.

Diagram showing the flow of data with HPC.

Complete data visibility

Unify data silos in an integrated ecosystem of data services that can be easily searched across any type of storage.

Find data more easily

Stop chasing your data. Use metadata extraction and search to locate hard-to-find data, by querying workflow-specific metadata describing stored data.

Avoid transfer headaches

Efficiently, securely, and reliably transfer large and distributed data directly to and from HPC to local, cloud and partner systems.

Save time managing data

Automate complex workflows and schedule batch processing into the right place to run clever applications or big HPC processes.

Maximise efficiency and agility of data

Automatically place less-frequently accessed content on lower-cost storage. Different storage types and vendors can be configured at any time.

More control over data access

Everything is audited and every change is versioned. Gain insight and monitor who accesses what research data, when and from where.

Share your data

Manage access simply and securely with collaborators at other institutions. You specify what data can be searched and accessed by worldwide collaborators.

Mediaflux powers some of the biggest supercomputers in world:

National Applied Research Laboratories (LARLABS)

Mediaflux provides the core data-management platform Taiwan’s National Centre for High-performance Computing. TAIWANIA 2 is one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, delivering >9 PF of computing power to support government-led projects and future industrial applications such as healthcare, smart cities, smart manufacturing, fintech and more. Read about our partnership here.

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

Pawsey host the fastest public research supercomputer in Australia (>1 PF) and manage multiple collections / projects with more than 100 million assets and 6+ PB of data on multiple heterogeneous storage systems with Mediaflux. Read about one of the projects here.

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