DigitalGlobe x Amazon AWS

DigitalGlobe has been collecting imagery of Earth from space since its first satellite launched in 2001. Over the years, DigitalGlobe has built a world-class constellation, with increased collection capacity and resolution.


University of Melbourne and Florey Neuroscience Institute

The Centre for Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne and the Florey Neuroscience Institutes (FNI) are using Mediaflux to support more advanced data workflows that enhance collaboration across hundreds of researcher to find better treatments for brain disorders.


Queensland Centre of Medical Genomics (QCMG)

The Queensland Centre of Medical Genomics (QCMG) has implemented Mediaflux to automate data workflows for over 500 research collaborators. Mediaflux has become the glue that holds QCMG’s analytical pipeline together and keeps operations lean so that research remains the focus at QCMG.


Australian Government Department of Defence

The Australian Department of Defence are using Mediaflux to seamlessly access every possible source of information to support better national security and Defence decisions.

Life Sciences

Australian Registry of Wildlife Health

The Australian Registry of Wildlife Health is using Mediaflux to provide a highly detailed laboratory information and to significantly enhance the productive environment through collaboration infrastructure between a network of biosecurity professionals, universities, scientists, researchers, environment departments, veterinarians, zoos and aquaria.