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Arcitecta is at the forefront of the growing market for solutions that address complex distributed data management issues.

The main customer challenge we solve is to enable professionals, like you, with large or complex data to make faster decisions. We achieve this by automating the process for managing your data. We also make the data available in a form that makes most sense to you and anyone with whom you need to collaborate.

Our aim is to build sustainable, distributed complex data management solutions for you, and with you.

We simplify data management for everyone by democratizing data. We do this so you can easily ingest, store, manage and maintain your vast stores of complex data.

We know that solving complex data management is not trivial, which is why we developed Mediaflux, the best complex distributed data management platform available. Ten years in the making, Mediaflux offers a robust core providing all you need to create, collaborate and curate your data. The infinite scalability and flexibility of Mediaflux connects you, your collaborators and your data for better insights and value.

Mediaflux enables data management that can be unified and simplified such that all recorded information is interconnected and new patterns emerge.

What makes us different?

We specialize in data management systems for large-scale distributed data. Our core product, Mediaflux, enables distributed groups of people to ingest, store, discover, transform and consume any type of data.

We know there is far too much information for any one of us to comprehend. With new sensors generating hundreds of terabytes of data per hour, and genome sequencers generating 10 terabytes per run, this exponential growth in data is affecting our ability to make decisions. This demands new and novel approaches to data management, such as harnessing the computational power of many minds to address humanity's most pressing issues. This can be achieved through better collaboration, improved data workflows and effective metadata management.

Our products are deployed in geospatial, eResearch and eHealth contexts, streamlining the management of data and empowering users by reducing the time between data capture and decision.

We work side-by-side with you and your team to make sure Mediaflux addresses your needs now and as they evolve. We understand your data management needs will change. We plan for this and take a long-term view of your data and its provenance throughout its lifecycle, so you get the best value from your data assets.

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Mediaflux is the last data management solution you will ever need. At its core Mediaflux has the most sophisticated, flexible and high-performance metadata management system available. Mediaflux is a multi-user platform for ingesting, storing and discovering any type of data, including:

  • Distributed data
  • Geospatial data
  • eHealth data
  • Optimised for large data, in terms of capacity and cardinality.

The extensive capabilities of Mediaflux provide an equivalent of an operating system for data, which include its capabilities to:

  • automate many functions to make it easy for you to get answers to complex queries,
  • manage any type of data - structured and unstructured and the relationships between these data,
  • automatically harvest metadata, as data is ingested into Mediaflux,
  • integrate automated services to efficiently ingest, manage, transform and consume your data.

Mediaflux addresses a key need to classify and order data in such a way that it is readily available to all (with appropriate authorisation) for collaboration and consumption.

Data is easily found and delivered to the right place, at the right time, in the right format; all the while keeping an audit trail as data is ingested, stored, transformed, and consumed.

Mediaflux shortens the time between data capture and decision; it is a revolutionary product that can be integrated into existing environments incrementally, with an evolutionary approach.

In addition, Mediaflux has a light administrative overhead due to its policy, event and data-driven approach.

Mediaflux is the most complete and universal solution: it is easy, reliable and flexible.

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