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There is too much information for humans (as individuals) to command without assistance. We need as much automation as possible.

With ubiquitous, user empowering information (data) management tools, we can concentrate on the essence of a problem.

With collaboration, we can harness the computational power of many humans.

Data management can be unified and simplified such that all recorded information is interconnected and new patterns emerge.

Arcitecta specialises in data management systems for large-scale distributed data. Our core product, Mediaflux, enables distributed groups of people to ingest, store, discover, transform and consume any type of data.

The company’s products are deployed in geospatial, research and e-health contexts, streamlining the management of data, and empowering end users to shorten the time between data capture and decision.

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arcitecta tm

Mediaflux is a multi-user platform for ingesting, storing and discovering any type of data, including:

  • Distributed data
  • Geospatial data
  • Optimised for large data, in terms of capacity and cardinality.

Mediaflux is not a point solution: it is designed from the ground up to manage any type of unstructured data, as well as structured data, and relationships between structured and unstructured data.

Mediaflux addresses a key need to classify and order data in such a way that it is readily available to all (with appropriate authorisation) for collaboration and consumption. Data is easily found and delivered to the right place, at the right time, in the right format; all the while keeping an audit trail as data is ingested, stored, transformed, and consumed.

Mediaflux shortens the time between data capture and decision; it is a revolutionary product that can be integrated into existing environments incrementally, with an evolutionary approach.


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