For over 15 years, Arcitecta has focused on creating powerful software solutions to help our customers solve the problems of managing, finding, and using any type of data, in any environment, and to do so in the most cost-efficient and flexible way.

Our mission is to simplify data management for everyone by democratizing access to data. This means Arcitecta's solutions empower our customers to focus on getting value from their data, rather than wasting time struggling to find it, or manage it.

This objective is what drove the development of Mediaflux, a powerful data management software platform that leverages the power of any type of metadata to enable customers to quickly access the information needed for a task, to actively manage and protect data in ways that also reduce infrastructure costs, and enable the broadest framework for collaboration, whether across incompatible systems, data types, or between remote locations.

Managing Data is Not a Static Event; Adapting to Change is a Constant Reality.

Although each industry has its own unique attributes, they all encounter similar challenges with how to derive most value from their data while containing the costs of managing it. This is true whether the environment is a small, focused use or a massive global deployment.

Additionally, solutions to data management problems are not one-time events, since ongoing changes in technology and uses for data are a constant reality. A small environment today could grow into a very large environment in years to come, exposing new problems in the process. Indeed, most data will outlive the storage systems it is housed in.

As the data volumes grow, the data types and metadata also need to be able to easily evolve together with the multitude of uses and technologies deployed to store this data and metadata.

This means that data storage infrastructures, as well as the data stored on these systems are in a constant state of flux, presenting a significant problem for data managers who are trying to contain costs and present a stable environment to their users.

This real-world problem of managing change is what cripples most single-purpose data management solutions. They simply can't easily adapt to changing uses and storage technologies. Too many customers are trapped by such inertia, which adds cost and complexity to their data management problems.

The ability to scale, evolve, and accommodate such real-world issues are key design criteria in Arcitecta’s development of Mediaflux, the industry's most flexible and scalable data management platform.

Mediaflux is designed to enable customers to work with existing data environments, while at the same time allowing IT managers to intelligently adapt to new storage technologies and data uses over time.

Our products are deployed in many industries across the globe to manage mission-critical data. And while each industry has its own peculiarities, they all share common data management challenges.

We work with you and your team to make sure Mediaflux addresses your current needs while also providing the flexibility to anticipate evolving requirements. We understand your data management needs will change. We plan for this and take a long-term view of your data and its provenance throughout its lifecycle, so you get the best value from your data assets today and into the future.

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Mediaflux is a rich, platform-independent software solution designed for curating, managing, protecting, and controlling all types of data, on any storage system, and across all phases of the data's lifecycle

Data is increasingly the most valuable asset for any organization, whether it be business, research or government. However, as data volumes continue to explode and storage needs diversify to accommodate shrinking budgets and evolving uses for this data, traditional data management methods make it more difficult to find and manage the data you really need to get the answers you really want, and add to the complexity and costs of your technology infrastructure.

With Mediaflux, the incompatibility of data types, file systems, and infrastructures is eliminated. Users and IT data managers are now able to focus on using the data, rather than getting side-tracked trying to find it, or manage it.

Mediaflux data management

Mediaflux is Like an Operating System for All Your Data

The extensive capabilities of Mediaflux provide the equivalent of an operating system for data which spans the different compute, storage infrastructures, and data types that an organization might need. It includes capabilities to:

  • automate many functions to make it easy for you to get answers to complex queries;
  • manage any type of data - structured and unstructured and the relationships between these data across disparate systems and environments;
  • automatically harvest rich metadata from files, as they are ingested;
  • automate complex workflows to efficiently ingest, manage, transform, and exploit your data.

Mediaflux addresses a key need to classify and order data in such a way that it is readily available to all (with appropriate authorization) for local and remote collaboration.

Data is easily found and delivered to the right place, at the right time, in the right format; all the while keeping an audit trail for protection of your valuable data assets.

Mediaflux shortens the time between data capture and decision; it is a revolutionary product that can be integrated into existing environments incrementally as data volumes grow, and as data management needs evolve. It enables legacy data and infrastructures to coexist with new technology and uses in a seamless fabric that is transparent to the user.

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