Secure Wallets

Mediaflux provides a secure wallet facility to store passwords, private keys, or other data in a secure manner.

Data is organised by "entries", which can be retrieved automatically by services or manually by users. Entries in the wallet are encrypted and permuted by the user's login password, and may be configured to have access restrictions. There are two main usage groups:

  • System Wallet
  • User Wallets.

System Wallet

The system wallet is a secure wallet that is used internally by Mediaflux. There is no service that can be used to gain access to the content of the system wallet. The use of this system is restricted so that only internal Mediaflux operations can read and write to it.

User Wallet

A user wallet is a secure wallet in which users, or applications on the user's behalf, store their own passwords or private keys. Only the user that is the owner of the wallet has access to it. Even administrators of the Mediaflux system cannot access a wallet that belongs to other users.

Secure wallets use strong encryption if installed, and degrade to weaker encryption if strong encryption is not supported by the installed Java virtual machine.