Mediaflux Packages

Mediaflux supports optional packages. A Mediaflux package can be installed within a Mediaflux server and contain application specific configurations, web interfaces (including client applications), and plug-in services. A package can be developed and distributed by any entity.

The following packages are available.

Mediaflux Desktop

Mediaflux Desktop is a Mediaflux client application that is a multi-user platform for ingesting and discovering any type of data. It is available at additional cost.


The Arc-Geo package extracts metadata from GeoTIFF and GeoPDF images. It is available on request.


The Wavelet package extracts metadata from ECW, JPEG2000, and Mr Sid images files, including high-resolution images. Versions are available on request for Windows 64, Windows 32, Linux 32, Linux 64, and OS/X (not ECW).


The Mflux package is a help portal for Mediaflux that can be accessed at http://<mediaflux host>/mflux. It is part of the standard Mediaflux installation.


The Microsoft package includes file format analysers and thumbnail image generators for Microsoft office formats. Office formats based on XML (.docx etc) are also indexed. This package is available on request.

Military Format Analyzers

This package extracts geospatial information from military GIS containers, such as CIB, NITF, DTED, LIDAR, CADRG, and ERDAS IMG.


This package includes analyzers for NetCDF and HDF5 file formats, and services to scan THREDDS servers. It is based on the NetCDF library from Unidata and is available on request.

PDF Analyzer

This package extracts metadata from and indexes PDF files. It is based on PDFBox 1.6 (, and is available on request.

Reporting Analyzers and Transcoders

This package is required to enable PDF based reporting, and includes services for transcoding and metadata extraction.