Gaining value from your geospatial data assets

Managing high variety, velocity and volumes of data for better intelligence outcomes

The modern data management challenge

With new sensors generating hundreds of terabytes of data every hour, this exponential growth in data is affecting our ability to identify trends, make discoveries and decisions that have the potential to improve our security and wellbeing.

How many of the following points reflect the data and intelligence challenges you face?

  • You need to identify patterns in your data, in an environment where the identity of your combatants in increasingly unclear
  • To effectively deploy your limited resources, you need to spot trends or changes in the physical environment for a particular geographic location
  • You need the flexibility to tag, search and identify patterns in your telemetry data, and achieve this without having to review all the video feeds coming in day-by-day, minute-by-minute
  • You need to securely access and analyze data flows from land-based, shipboard, airborne and underwater sensors so you can make informed decisions and better coordinate your field resources and intelligence

We support you in addressing these challenges with Mediaflux, an operating system for meta+data that enables you to ingest, discover and share any type of data for greater insight.

From sensor to warfighter, from data acquisition to decision, and everything in between, Mediaflux addresses the real need to classify and order data so it’s readily available to those who have the authority and need to access and analyze it.

Addressing this challenge

Defense commanders, managers and authorized users can now securely manage (acquisition, curation, classification, quality assurance, distribution) of all your geospatial assets, secure video feeds, and SIGINT and COMINT data from a simple and secure web interface.

By simply dragging and dropping data into Mediaflux, you can take advantage of the automatic extraction of metadata (that is central to how Mediaflux operates) to more effectively search and manage your diverse data and workflows – from land, air, sea, ships and space.

Mediaflux data management

Any authorized person can define and attach additional metadata at any time. Data managers and analysts can now search for relevant data using any available metadata; this is because we have turned fixed and inflexible structures of data into a “dynamic source” that can be securely accessed using multiple means.

Data usage (viewing, distribution, etc.) can be gated and audited by license conditions ensuring defense organisations comply with terms of use. Distribution to other Mediaflux systems is via electronic (connected) or air-gapped (disconnected) means, allowing dissemination even when there are no available networks.

In addition, Mediaflux enables defense users to automatically convert proprietary raster formats to open (non-proprietary) formats, making data acquisition and decisions much easier across your diverse and secure networks.

Using Mediaflux, defense commanders, managers and authorized users know what geospatial data you have, the value and quality of that data, where it’s come from, ensure it is only available to authorized personnel, and keep track of where it has gone (across your and your strategic alliance partners’ networks).

Please refer to Department of Defence Case Study for an example of this technology in action.