The Australian Registry of Wildlife Health is using Mediaflux to provide a highly detailed laboratory information and to significantly enhance the productive environment through collaboration infrastructure between a network of biosecurity professionals, universities, scientists, researchers, environment departments, veterinarians, zoos and aquaria.

Wildlife health and disease are inextricably linked with human, livestock and environmental health, tourism and the global economy. New diseases are emerging from wildlife reservoirs at the rate of approximately one each year and these diseases are spreading faster and further than ever before.The threat of disease emergence from wildlife has been identified as the most significant and growing threat to global biosecurity.

The Challenge

There is a critical need within the biosecurity community to have systems to rapidly detect, diagnose and respond to emerging diseases in wild and feral animal populations in Australia to best secure our collective health and favourable international trade status.

The solution

The Australian Registry of Wildlife Health, developed by Arcitecta and based on Mediaflux, addresses the most significant gaps in the wildlife health sector.The application is a highly detailed laboratory information management system for wildlife, featuring mapping capabilities. Specific disease outbreaks can be tracked and documented by linking data to reference maps, considering factors such as vegetation, topography, human use of land, and transport corridors. Incorporation of national animal health data standards enables the convenient sharing of wildlife health data across sectors.

The outcome

The Registry is now integrated within the WildHealth community space made available by the Australian Biosecurity Intelligence Network.It is available to biosecurity professionals,universities,scientists,researchers,environment departments, veterinarians, zoos and aquaria, and offers a significantly more productive environment.

The previous application was institution based and single user, requiring merging of data from each institution to a master copy.The new Registry is web based and multi-user, incorporates data from all institutions in real-time, with improved query functionality as well as the mapping capability.

Watch the video produced by Dr. Karrie Rose, the manager of the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health at the Taronga Conservation Society.