System Administration Services

What are System Administration Services?

Working closely with your team, our System Administration Services provide comprehensive operational management of your Mediaflux server(s), delivered by Arcitecta experts.

Monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrades are included to ensure that your Mediaflux systems are managed pro-actively and effectively.


  • Comprehensive system administration service for Mediaflux server(s)
  • System configuration to agreed state
  • Complete system monitoring
  • Regular status reports.


  • Services are delivered remotely and access to a Mediaflux administrator account and an operating system account are necessary
  • Some features require the Mediaflux email capability to be configured
  • Systems to be administered need to have a current Mediaflux support contract.

Comprehensive Operational Management

  • Monitor system performance
  • Triage system operational and performance issues and delegate if required
  • Monitor, maintain and upgrade Java as needed
  • Setup, monitor and maintain Mediaflux backups
  • Monitor log files and provide remediation as needed
  • Monitor audit trails (including intrusion detection) and provide remediation as needed
  • Perform configuration and security assessments and advise
  • Monitor Mediaflux system configurations (e.g. memory) and tune as needed
  • Monitor XODB status and tune as needed
  • Monitor scheduled and replication jobs
  • Monitor storage availability (XODB & content stores), network availability, CPU, memory & disk load
  • Monitor digital certificates used by Mediaflux and advise when renewal is required
  • Upgrade Mediaflux and packages at agreed intervals
  • Provision content stores and monitor store integrity
  • Manage authentication setup, black list and white lists
  • Triage authorisation anomalies
  • Manage NFS mount points and sFTP configuration
  • Monitor HA status and Mediaflux HA configuration (if applicable)
  • Monitor Mediaflux licence expiry.

Services delivery is during business hours, which may be optionally extended at additional cost. End user and help desk services, and provisioning of user accounts and authorisation controls are not included. Support for the operating system or hardware is not part of the service.

Price Structure

  • First Mediaflux server: $19,500 per annum
  • Second Mediaflux server: $9,500 per annum
  • Third and subsequent Mediaflux servers: $4,500 per annum (each)
  • Supplement for Mediaflux HA server: $5,000 per annum
  • 50% discount is available for Mediaflux Disaster Recovery servers and Test and/or Development servers (production systems are counted first, disaster recovery, test and development servers are counted last).

All prices are excluding local taxes and/or GST.

Download the data sheet System Administration Services for further details.

Click here System Administration Services for the A4 version.