Consulting Services

Since 1998, Arcitecta has grown a successful software architecture and data management enterprise. Arcitecta specialises in data management systems for large-scale distributed data. Our core product, Mediaflux, is an operating system for metadata and data that enables distributed groups of people to share, manipulate and manage any type of data. Our software is developed and supported by people with significant expertise in data management who are adaptable to understanding the domains in which our product is utilised.

Data Management Consulting Services

Arcitecta provides subject matter expertise and advice regarding many aspects of data management, including architecture, analysis and design, metadata management, object and relational databases, and security. Our practitioners are deeply experienced and adaptable to requisite subject domains.

Requirements Analysis

Arcitecta has the expertise to examine the data lifecycle needs for specific or general cases and craft well considered solutions. We view each customer as a collaborator, and seek to proactively engage to ensure our solutions are suitable for the intended purpose and are right first time.

System Integration

Arcitecta offers consulting services to deliver integration of Mediaflux and Mediaflux Desktop with external devices and applications resulting in an end-to-end dataflow.

Examples of previous projects include Mediaflux implementations to ingest data and metadata from electron microscopes, MRI scanners, optical microscopes, and genome sequencers.

Mediaflux can deliver data to batch schedulers on high performance computing (HPC) systems, and interchange data with other applications such as databases.

Custom Development

Arcitecta offers custom development services - no matter what the data management requirement, Mediaflux can be readily adapted.

Mediaflux can be extended by adding additional services. The services can be bundled as a Mediaflux package, making their installation and management convenient and straightforward.

Mediaflux Desktop can be extended with additional applications.

Complete custom Mediaflux clients can be developed using the Mediaflux SDKs for Java, GWT, .NET or JavaScript.