An innovative electronic health record for today's healthcare needs

CAReHR (our Clinical Audit electronic Health Record) changes the game in how clinical data is recorded and managed.

Finally, an electronic health record that is transforming the way healthcare is delivered, by putting clinicians, like you, in control of the information you collect, share and use to enhance case management and patient care.

CAReHR makes it easier for paediatricians, mental health specialists, and many other healthcare professionals to improve the wellbeing of patients with multiple health conditions.

What makes CAReHR unique?

CAReHR is the only electronic health record that:

  • Clinicians, like you, can configure to record the information you need, based on ontologies that are most relevant to your patients’ needs and the health issues you are managing.
  • Provides both clinical and clinical research data across multiple sites, empowering you and your colleagues to combine excellence in clinical care with real-time population health monitoring for effective disease control.
  • Is so flexible that it can be adapted to any patient group or clinical service, making it easier for you to manage complex health conditions, across many patient groups from just one system.

CAReHR is already being used successfully in children’s health, immigrant health and in the treatment of HIV and Hepatitis C, amongst other health conditions.

CAReHR in an integral element of the Refugee Health Clinical Hub used at Melbourne Health. The Refugee Clinical Hub was awarded the Institute of Public Administration Australia’s Leadership in the Public Sector Awards. More information about this award-winning solution can be found at: IPAA Awards.

The use of CAReHR, as part of the Refugee Health Clinical Hub, has been written about in Australasia's eHealth and Health IT magazine, Pulse+IT Magazine at: Pulse+IT Magazine.

Plus, you can read more stories about the use of CAReHR - in the Pathway to Good Health Project at: Customers & Alliances and Pulse+IT Magazine.

What benefits does CAReHR provide?

CAReHR makes it easy for clinicians across a range of disciplines to effectively manage multiple health conditions.

CAReHR provides so you can
  • A simple interface for the capture and management of a patient’s health data
  • Computerised clinical notes, summaries, pathology requests and prescribing data
  • One-click creation of documentation for GP summary notes, with automated delivery
  • One-click creation of patient summary information, including the production of translated problem lists
  • Point-of-care decision support, with a summary of the patient’s treatments, pathology results and health assessments.
  • The ability to print prescriptions, referrals and pathology requests using clinician defined dictionaries and specifications that meet your needs.
  • record essential information about a patient’s health needs.
  • track which tests the patient has had, avoiding duplicate tests.
  • collaborate with the primary care sector in managing the patient’s health needs.
  • inform and empower patients to take an active role in their health.
  • assess the efficacy of treatments across visits.

    Don’t put up with technology that doesn’t meet your needs. Collect the information you need, when you need it, and share and conduct research in a much more agile manner with CAReHR.

    Find out how to become part of the forward-looking group of clinicians and institutions that are changing the way healthcare is managed, with CAReHR. Contact us or download the CAReHR data sheet today.

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