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  • 14 November 2017

    Best of Both Worlds: Mediaflux Data Management Now Integrated with Spectra Logic Storage

    Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System and Spectra Verde® NAS Solution are now fully integrated with our Mediaflux® data management platform to create the ultimate solution for long-term management of any data at any scale.

    Spectra’s data storage solutions provide an extremely affordable way to deal with growing demands for storage, while Mediaflux provides a user-friendly interface and sophisticated data management capabilities. Leveraging the power of metadata, Mediaflux enables policy-based virtualization of existing data silos with the efficiency and protection of Spectra BlackPearl’s scalable storage.

    “Mediaflux coupled with Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Storage System empowers users to truly understand their data,” said Jason Lohrey, our CEO & CTO. “This enables the users to focus on their actual task without worrying about where the data resides or how to manage it.”

    Mediaflux is an operating system for metadata and data enabling distributed groups of people to share, manipulate and manage any type of data. Mediaflux empowers users to understand their data, and provides insights into types of files; distributions of file sizes; who is using what storage; which directories and files are inactive; and many more valuable attributes of data. Users can compare potential storage policies based on predicted cost savings and select and implement policies to automatically archive targeted data to more cost-effective storage.

    Spectra BlackPearl with Mediaflux delivers a simple solution that lets customers easily move data to various storage tiers, including the lowest-cost storage tiers for greatest savings.

    Key benefits of the joint solution include:

    • Extreme Scalability: The system can support 10’s of billions of files and move data at any scale from gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes an hour.
    • Metadata Management: Harness the power of your metadata to enable more efficient searches. Automatically extract rich metadata on ingest and easily add custom metadata fields to “tag” your data.
    • Security: Protect your valuable data with sophisticated access controls, traceability, data encryption and permanent audit trails. Secure login using LDAP, active directory, or SAML is also supported.

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