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  • 22 March 2012

    Arcitecta Desktop Powers On

    Version 1.0.20 of Arcitecta Desktop is now available. This version continues to improve on features and convenience, making Arcitecta Desktop simpler to use and more powerful than ever.


    In Asset Map, arbitrary images may now be used as a background map. Previously only images of the entire world could be used. The geographical feature database is automatically restricted to the extent of the map, so that only features within the map boundaries will be suggested.

    Images of any resolution can be used, allowing the user the flexibility and convenience to choose a map offering a macro view or micro view as needed. Image tiling and pyramiding continues to be available.


    The mechanism to create filters has been enhanced. A filter selector is available that allows sophisticated filters to be quickly constructed. The selector displays a list of potential filters that may be dragged to the filter box including:

    • Metadata documents and/or elements;
    • Global filters, such as asset create and modify time;
    • Geoshape attributes such as point, type and datum;
    • Point and radius – filters assets based on a specified distance from a specified point;
    • Created/modified by the user.

    The filter selector is available in both Asset Map and Asset Finder.


    Views can now include a chosen layout (e.g. grid with selected columns, or tiles) and a filter. The view can be saved to the favourites area by dragging the view name from the “Open View” menu and dropping it to the favourites area. The name of the view is displayed with a special filter icon.

  • 22 March 2012

    Mediaflux 3.7 Releases

    Mediaflux 3.7 is now available and supports native DMF* code on 64-bit x86 Linux platforms. There are new services to “pin” or retain content for optimised access. For DMF, this translates to a policy to keeps this content online above all others.

    Native support means that context switching to perform DMF operations is no longer required.

    In order to run in native mode an additional package (DMF - native) must be installed. If the native DMF driver is not installed, then the DMF driver will be the default (dmattr, dmget, dmput, etc.) driver. The driver in use is reported when describing a DMF based content store. Mediaflux 3.7 also includes numerous other enhancements:

    • Improved authentication tracing;
    • Improved shopping cart services;
    • Transaction concurrency improvements - content analysis for asset update is now outside a transaction and triggers no longer run within an atomic transaction;
    • File Compilation Profile enhancements, including “file depth”;
    • It is now possible to create an asset using URL by value and specify a directory. If this is done, then the directory will be automatically converted to an asset archive (AAR);
    • The type of a content store can be changed, e.g. a file system content store to/from a DMF content store.
    *DMF is a trademark or registered trademark of Silicon Graphics International Corp. or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.