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  • 10 February 2012

    Join the Team! Arcitecta is Hiring

    Contact: Jason Lohrey, Chief Technology Officer

    Candidate Profile

    Arcitecta is currently seeking high calibre people that have the capacity to produce leading edge and innovative commercial data management software products in a technically challenging research and development environment.

    This profile describes Arcitecta, the types of products and services we produce and defines the types of people and skills we are seeking to build an enjoyable, technically stimulating and rewarding enterprise.


    Arcitecta is a technology and software company based in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 1998. We develop data management products and our core product is the data operating system, Mediaflux™. There are products that partially overlap with Mediaflux, but as far as we are aware there are no comparable products or competitors.

    Arcitecta has customers in Australia and overseas - Mediaflux is sold to a global market by both Arcitecta and by our reseller, SGI. SGI markets Mediaflux under the brand name LiveArc™. Mediaflux is also embedded in and distributed by OEM partners.

    Arcitecta places core emphasis on goal-oriented innovation - a significant portion of revenue is reinvested into research and development. By "goal-oriented" we mean focused on achieving valuable and differentiated product and capabilities through innovation. Rather than an aggregation of existing technologies, the vast majority of our technology is our own. We rely on people with the ability to solve complex problems and create new technologies from first-principles, if required. We take this approach for a number of reasons, including: a) to ensure we can develop leading and differentiated product and b) to ensure we maximize our ability to provide rapid and high levels of customer support. Whilst unique, our technologies do present themselves through standard interfaces - we have "open proprietary" technology.

    We engage directly with our customers and their end-users often by working on-site. We work closely with the academic and research community, through programmes such as ARC Linkage.


    Our technology operates on laptops through to large systems with potentially thousands of CPUs. It operates in environments requiring kilobytes per second I/O through to gigabytes per second I/O. There may be a few thousand persistent objects through to billions (or more) of persistent objects in single and/or federated environments. Single data objects may have no "data" or might have 20TB or more per object.

    Just about every conceivable computational problem will be encountered and through our customers there is the potential to be involved in almost any discipline.

    Here are some example software components that are part of the Arcitecta product offering:

    • XML encoded object database engine
    • Fuzzy n-dimensional spatial indexes
    • GWT Widget Toolkit for browser based user interfaces
    • FTP and GridFTP server
    • DICOM server
    • Web Server
    • Distributed SOA architecture
    • POSIX compliant file-system
    • MPEG-2 de-muxer and stream analyzer

    There are many more capabilities - these few illustrate scale and diversity.

    Some of these are "standard" capabilities such as our web-server that implements RFC2616, RFC 2617, etc. implemented in-house for complete control, through to entirely unique capabilities such as our XML encoded object database, XODB which is extremely fast and compact - it is exponentially faster than relational databases with complex queries (and often not so complex queries).

    Candidate Characteristics and Capabilities

    We are looking for computer scientists and software engineers with a flair for creativity combined with methodological rigour. We are seeking people who are both innovative and outcome focused, are able to excel with any computational problem, and relish creating products that people enjoy using.


    • Demonstrated capacity to tackle any problem
    • Outcome focused
    • Creative and methodical
    • Capacity for strategic and tactical thinking and planning
    • Technology leader
    • Demonstrated capacity to acquire and apply new skills
    • Financially acute


    • Ability to distil abstractions and clearly express and convey them to others
    • Object-oriented design, patterns and component construction


    • Gregarious and considered communicator
    • Ability to convey complex problems simply to non-technical people
    • Ability to convey complex problems simply to technical people and be able to participate in and respond to peer review


    • Diversity of platforms including both Linux (most variants) and Windows
    • Core languages of Java (SE), C++ and C, but ability to utilize any other language as appropriate
    • XML and associated standards
    • Networking
    • Multi-threading, high performance compute and I/O


    • PhD or Masters degree in Computer Science, or demonstrated equivalence
    • 5+ years software development in commercial environments


    We are looking for people to work on one or more projects that initially include:

    • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) CS, WMS and WFS protocol implementations
    • Clustered versioned file systems
    • Video and image processing pipelines
    • Distributed clinical systems