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  • 21 July 2011

    ABIN WildHealth Launch in July

    The launch of the WildHealth project will be conducted at the Taronga Zoo at the end of July. The event will commence with a presentation from Emeritus Professor Gary Wobeser, the co-founder of the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre, to be followed by the launch by Professor Helen Garnett (ABIN Chair) and Cameron Kerr (Director and Chief Executive of the Taronga Conservation Society). Training in use of the WildHealth system will then take place.

    WildHealth offers a collaborative platform open to biosecurity professionals, universities, scientists, researchers, environment departments, veterinarians, zoos and aquaria. Specific disease outbreaks can be tracked and documented by linking the database to generic maps to consider factors such as vegetation, topography, human use of land, and transport corridors.

    The WildHealth application was built by Arcitecta using Mediaflux as a platform, based on the functionality of a database gifted from the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre. According to Dr. Karrie Rose, the manager of the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health, "from an administrative perspective it is much easier to be administering one on-line database, rather than multiple nodes of an Access database", and "there are features of this system such as drag and drop technology which allow us to re-classify just as quickly as the taxonomers do which is incredibly valuable".