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  • 02 May 2011

    Refugee Health Clinical Hub

    Arcitecta has signed an agreement with the Department of Medicine at the University of Melbourne to develop and deploy a Refugee Health Clinical Hub. The Hub is designed to assist clinicians to improve outcomes for immigrants and refugees in Victoria and presents a model for integrated clinical care able to utilise the emerging NBN. The Hub will be based on Mediaflux.

    Over the last twelve years there have been over 120,000 Humanitarian entrants to Australia, of which over 25 per cent have settled in Victoria. Clinical care for refugees and immigrants can be challenging due to the complexity of their medical problems, which may include infectious diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

    The project will develop a multi-site web-based clinical information management system across specialist adult and child refugee services in Victoria. It will provide point of care decision support to clinicians, improve follow-up of patients, and permit practice evaluation and clinical research with the ultimate goal of better health and health services for this patient group. It will also enable improved sharing of information with patients, with the expected outcomes of increased understanding of and adherence to treatment and greater health system efficiency.

    The Clinical Hub will service both clinical and research needs within the one federated system, removing the need to build separate clinical and research systems. The moment a user (e.g. clinician) creates a new disease template it will be available (in de-identified form) for authorised researchers to use.

    The Clinical Hub will initially be deployed at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, with deployments to follow at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Barwon Health and the Dandenong Hospital.