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  • 07 November 2011

    Immigrant Health Clinical Hub Project

    Arcitecta will be a key developer for the Immigrant Health Clinical Hub – a Model for Integrated Clinical Care using High Capacity Broadband, funded by the Victorian Department of Business and Innovation.

    The project is an initiative under the Victorian Government's Broadband-Enabled Innovation Program, that funds innovative projects to develop new ways of working and improving service delivery in business, government and the community through the use of high-capacity broadband.

    Participants include Melbourne Health, along with Precedence Health Care, Arcitecta, the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society and stakeholders in hospitals and primary care services across Victoria.

    Around 3,500 people of a refugee background arrive in Victoria each year under the humanitarian program; half are aged 19 years or less. This group of Victorians requires specific health screening for infectious diseases and nutritional deficiencies after they arrive, and many refugees will have multiple and/or complex health conditions, and require medium or long-term follow-up. Typically they will see both a primary care provider (General Practitioner) and a specialist.

    The project will develop a web-based Clinical Hub to create a path of efficient hospital – primary care communication that is secure, sustainable and supported by clinical stakeholders across the sector. The Clinical Hub will transform service delivery in refugee health by:

    • Addressing the communication gap between primary care and specialists by providing GPs with immediate secure access to specialist care records and providing a simple and convenient way to create Care Plans, and allowing secure specialist access to these plans

    • Providing GPs with technology for real time communication with their patients, specialists, interpreters, and allied health providers

    • Providing mobile phone reminders for patient appointments
    • Creating a mechanism to provide simple clinical summaries for patients in their own language
    • Creating a database of de-identified population data to allow evaluation of service delivery and to implement and monitor evidence based health care.

    The Hub will leverage the Arcitecta developed and award winning Clinical Audit Research electronic Health Record (CAReHR). The project is synergistic with Arcitecta's culture of technology innovation and looking beyond the current horizon to further Australia's e-Health outcomes.