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  • 07 December 2009

    Arcitecta and SGI Sign Global Reseller Agreement

    SGI is now the global reseller for Mediaflux and Mediaflux Desktop. SGI has offered Mediaflux solutions for some years in media, science and research institutions, government and academia in the Asia Pacific region. In order to build on this success, a global reseller agreement has been signed, allowing SGI globally to resell Mediaflux and Mediaflux Desktop under the SGI LiveArc brand.

    "As data volumes continue to grow, so do the challenges for IT managers to cost-effectively provide higher levels of utilization across different data types and workflows," said Giovanni Coglitore, Senior Vice President and Chief Products Officer at SGI. "LiveArc is specifically designed to allow for faster discovery, one-step sharing and closer collaboration, enabling more efficient data management and reduced infrastructure costs."

    "LiveArc's flexibility to aggregate across multiple data and metadata types makes it a compelling tool for bridging multiple data silos, particularly in very large archives," said Benjamin S. Woo, Vice President, Enterprise Storage Systems of IDC. "This ability to federate between otherwise incompatible environments using open-standards increases the ability for users to quickly find and access what they need without requiring modification to the existing IT infrastructure."

    See SGI's announcement: