News Article

  • 24 April 2012

    Specialist Refugee eHR Deploys

    The Specialist Refugee eHR, a new Mediaflux client application, has been deployed at the Victorian Infectious Disease Service at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. The project was commissioned by the Department of Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

    The core objective of the Specialist Refugee eHR is to:

    • Provide point of care decision support to clinicians;
    • Provide an intuitive interface summarising patient information across visits;
    • Reduce information duplication;
    • Include a mechanism for providing patient held records;
    • Facilitate evaluation and clinical research.

    The ultimate goal is better health, and health service delivery for this patient group.

    The key point of innovation is that the system is configurable. Clinicians can adapt the eHR to the specific needs of their patient group, clinical service, or research questions, and change these parameters over time as necessary, without losing data integrity or recourse to Arcitecta. This is a significant advance in implementation and sustainability.

    Plans are underway for rollout to a further three participating hospitals across three health networks. In addition, funding has been received for a follow on project integrating primary care and specialist information systems providing care across the patient’s health journey.