News Article

  • 04 December 2012

    Defence Replication Services Upgraded

    New replication features are now in use by the Australian Department of Defence. Replication is used to automatically mirror a large data store between two sites and to replicate selected data to and from a number of remote and field locations.

    Some data is replicated directly via the network, and some, where the quantity of data and network bandwidth are not compatible, is by "air gap". Metadata is replicated immediately, and content is replicated by physical transportation of disk or tape, and "catches up" with and is synchronised with the metadata some time later. Other data is replicated "by reference". Metadata is replicated immediately, and content is retrieved by the remote server on demand, when required.

    No matter what the physical constraints, Mediaflux has a solution.

    The ready access to important data has been well received by field locations. Mediaflux replication services have been able to deliver functionality that some locations have been waiting on for a number of years.