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  • 06 September 2013

    Major New Additions to Arcitecta Desktop

    Arcitecta Desktop has some significant new features that increase its utility in a number of important areas: searching geospatial datasets, managing rights agreements for datasets, and managing video.

    The features, described below, are all available now.

    Search Layers in Asset Map

    Asset Map image

    For some time Asset Map users have been able to locate data pertaining to a particular area by creating a search layer to constrain results to that area.

    Until now, a search layer was defined by a simple rectangle or polygon. Now, Asset Map allows arbritrary shapes to be used as a search layer. A search layer may represent a region or country, enabling queries to find all data within a particular region or country, etc.

    This new capability substantially increases the utility of Asset Map, with widely available shape files now readily usable as search layers.

    Intellectual Property Register

    A major enhancement to Arcitecta Desktop supports the enforcement of intellectual property (IP) rights when accessing data. Organisations whose data is subject to licencing agreements can ensure compliance using Desktop's IP Register functionality.

    licence short copy image

    The IP Register can be used to demonstrate an organisation's compliance with its licence obligations, and also as a record of access to help the organisation determine whether licence agreement renewal is warranted.

    Rights can be enforced whenever data is accessed. Enforcement can be restricted to particular regons and dates, and can be mandatory or optional. Different actions can be enforced depending on whether data is viewed, exported, broadcast or downloaded.

    Rights can be managed for copyright, IP, licences, patents, and trademarks. All actions are logged to a new and secure audit database.

    Video annotations back in Desktop

    When searching for video, not only can Arcitecta Desktop locate the video of interest, but also a specific segment of the video.

    Screen snapshot image

    This is achieved by adding an annotation to a specific segment within a video.

    Features include:

    • Keyboard accelerators for activating annotations, marking in/out points, and adding comments
    • There are search filters for annotations (only show "explosions" for example)
    • Uses decimal seconds rather than SMPTE timecode to allow synchronisation across material with different frame rates
    • Supports seeking to any position in the video
    • Everyone sees annotations as they are added by others.

    Video annotation is implemented using native HTML5 video built into the browser. A simpler version of this feature was previously available in the older Desktop.