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CAReHR data sheet

Two-page summary of our Clinical Audit Research electronic Health Record (CAReHR)
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Arcitecta System Administration Services

Two-page summary of Arcitecta’s Mediaflux System Administration Services program. This is a contracted service by which Arcitecta's Mediaflux experts may be engaged to provide comprehensive and pro-active operational management of your Mediaflux system.

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Mediaflux Capability Brief: Interfaces

Mediaflux is a flexible data management platform designed to enable multiple workflows with any kind of digital content. These data may be in a single storage pool, or aggregated across different and often incompatible storage and data types. To accommodate different uses of the data, Mediaflux offers multiple interface choices and access protocols which accommodate different workflows, privileges and behavior within the same system.

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Spectra + Arcitecta Joint Solution Brief

Spectra Logic’s data storage solutions paired with Arcitecta’s data management platform Mediaflux creates the ideal integrated solution for long-term management of any data at any scale. Spectra provides extremely cost- effective solutions that accommodate growing demands on storage, while Mediaflux provides a user-friendly interface and sophisticated data management capabilities.

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Mediaflux Data Sheet

Two-page summary of Mediaflux data + metadata management platform.
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Mediaflux Capability Brief: XODB

Two-page overview of XODB, Mediaflux’s powerful binary XML object database.
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Mediaflux Capability Brief: Federation and Replication

Two-page overview of Mediaflux Federation and Replication, simplifying the management of distributed data.
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Case Studies

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CRC infographic case study

Enhancing data management to help identify the biomarkers that provide an early indication of the onset of mental illness is important to improving patient outcomes and health benefits.

This infographic describes the research being undertaken by the Cooperative Research Centre for Mental Health (CRC) into the causes of mental illness.

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Agricultural Science: Australian Registry of Wildlife Health

This PDF features a story that appeared in Agricultural Science Journal.

It describes the work of the Taronga Conservation Society Australia, in detecting, diagnosing and responding to emerging disease from wild and feral animals, by tracking and documenting outbreaks and sharing the findings with other experts in the field. The Taronga Conservation Society Australia does this via the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health.

This story is provided with permission of Agricultural Science, the official journal of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology.

Visit Agricultural Science Journal for more information.

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ARWH infographic case study

The threat of disease emerging from wild and feral animals is the most significant and growing threat to Australian and international biosecurity.

This infographic talks about the work of the Taronga Conservation Society Australia, via the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health, to effectively detect, diagnose and respond to emerging diseases from free-ranging wildlife.

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RDSI infographic case study

Working in partnership with RDSI and SGI, Arcitecta is delivering scalable and customised data-connected research platforms that will provide the Australian research community shared access to nationally distributed data centres, or Nodes, which already contain over 11 petabytes (11,000 terabytes) of content and are expected to grow to over 55 Petabytes funded by RDSI.

These data sets cover a broad range of specialties, from high-energy physics to the humanities, from climate change to cancer research, and much more.

This infographic describes the benefits Mediaflux brings to Australian researchers using RDSI Nodes.

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Enhancing HIV and hepatitis patient management and research

Image of the poster presented by Dr Schulz on the clinical and research services provided by The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victorian Infectious Diseases Service to address the complex healthcare needs of patients with HIV and viral Hepatitis.

Dr Schulz described how Arcitecta’s Clinical Audit Research electronic Health Record (CAReHR) - developed in collaboration with three tertiary hospitals – has been adapted from its use in immigrant health to deliver better clinical care for people living with chronic Hepatitis and/or HIV.

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UNSW Case Study

University provides researchers with safe, searchable, and shareable data management platform built with Mediaflux® and SGI® InfiniteStorage

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Cooperative Research Centre for Mental Health at HIC 2015

Image of the poster presented by the Cooperative Research Centre for Mental Health (CRCMH) at the recent HIC 2015 conference, which covered the work being undertaken by the CRCMH in analysing data from large longitudinal cohort studies to identify the biomarkers that provide an early indication of mental illness such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, schizophrenia and mood disorders.

White Papers

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Getting Value from Your Business Information Systems White Paper

Information management is recognised as a core enabler for business and government. Studies from leading management institutes and industry analysts point to the increase in performance from companies and organisations using their information effectively, compared to those unable to derive an advantage from their enterprise knowledge.

But, as organisations grow, critical answers to key business issues are harder to get. This is because data needed to inform important decisions have to be drawn from multiple offices and locations, each with different environments and many of which are not connected to each other.

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Metadata as the Rosetta Stone to Data Management

Leveraging the power of metadata to solve big data problems.

Partner Documents

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Spectra + Arcitecta Press Release November 2017

Press release announcing that Spectra Verde and BlackPearl are now integrated with Arcitecta Mediaflux. Joint solutions deliver fast, intuitive, safe and cost-effective long-term management of any data at any scale.

References: US letter

Product Manuals

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Start Here

The new Reference Books application in Mediaflux Desktop provides on-line access to lots of documentation. This documentation is written in Markdown, and can be exported as a PDF. Whole books or just one chapter can be exported in this way. This document is a short initial "Start Here" style document that informs users how to log into Mediaflux for the first time using Mediaflux Desktop