Company Overview

Arcitecta is a privately held company based in Melbourne Australia.

Since 1998, Arcitecta has grown a successful software architecture and data management enterprise. Arcitecta instigated Mediaflux™ in 2002 and deployed it to the first customer in 2003. Today, individuals through to large teams of people around the world use our systems to manage simple to complex data intensive workflows.

Arcitecta specialises in data management systems for large-scale distributed data. Our core product, Mediaflux, is an operating system for metadata and data enabling distributed groups of people to share, manipulate and manage any type of data.

Our primary goal is to create data management systems that can be operated by non-IT people, requiring little or no administration. Given the diversity of domains for managing data, that is a significant challenge.

Our software is developed and supported by people with significant expertise in data management who are adaptable to understanding the domains in which our products are utilised. We view each customer as a collaborator, and seek to proactively engage to ensure our products are fit for purpose.

Arcitecta was founded in 1998, and is a privately held company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Since inception, Arcitecta has entirely funded the development of Mediaflux, with some concessional assistance from AusIndustry. Growth has been entirely product driven, which vindicates the value of our products. We invest most of our revenue into continued research and development.